The Dark Of The Sun

by The Destroyed Room

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released June 2, 2014

All songs written by Sergi
Music by The Destroyed Room
The Destroyed Room are:
Sergi - Vocals & Guitar
Víctor - Guitars & Backup Vocals
Borja - Bass
Carlos - Drums
Additional Instruments:
Keyboard by Gabriel Suárez
Recorded live in Barcelona in the winter of 2014 at Maik Maier Studios by Gabriel Suárez.
Mixed and mastered at Janowski Studios by Victor Saldaña
Artwork by Pol Rodellar.
Released by Boston Pizza Records [BPR029]




The Destroyed Room Barcelona, Spain

The Destroyed Room es una banda de rock de toda la vida, de las que tienen sentido en la carretera. Por eso no han dejado de tocar y sacar EP's cumpulsivamente desde 2009. Ahora nos llega "The Magic Indian Scene" (Boston Pizza Records, 2012), su primer largo, que deja clara la evolución de un grupo que está constantemente en movimiento. ... more

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Track Name: The Waiting
I write our name on the sand
Just in case I forget
All these stories that we lived by the edge of this town
You always told me, my girl
that rock n roll would save me
but lately I feel that I’m losing all the strength you gave me
Only the fools are waiting
for the perfect star to fall
to follow their dreams down
I ease my feet in the sea
With the city lights behind me
I tell the moon that these days I don’t want to be myself
When the sand turns to gold
as my tears drown in the water’s cold
I drink the last sip before I take my clothes off
Thirsty of stories to tell
We go deep into the sea
Track Name: Two Souls On Fire
I clasped you in my arms, oh my lover
I knew the times ahead would bring us a second chance
And what we said that night we will never tell
Remains locked in our hearts, protected from the light of day
And we liked to say we were the only ones that tamed our two souls on fire
We were wild together, oh my lover
We knew that every city kept secrets for us to find
Singing our hearts out to Tom Petty songs
In the dark of the sun, in a highway with no direction home,
And we liked to say we were the only ones that tamed our two souls on fire
I still believe in the things that we shared all those years
I still sing all these songs that we thought were important
And when they tell me that my eyes and my look just seem to be caught in the moon
It’s probably that I’m thinking of you
And how I used to tame you too
Track Name: In Hope
It all just ends
I guess all the roads just lead me here
The scars are all we got to prove how hard we tried
To live as if we got nothing and no one else
I have some names tattooed
But the faces start to fade
The songs are all we got, the same old reasons why
We live and just keep trying everyday
Beginning in an ending
The words are not expressing
The pain of what we left behind to feel complete again
Just take my hand and rest for a little while
I’m down on my knees
And my feet bleed
This boots are all we got to show how much we walked
to find a place where we could live in hope again
where we can finally live in peace
Track Name: Highway II
The highway’s never ending
That’s what I’ve been waiting for all my life
The highway that will take us further than we ever thought
We take the highway to find ourselves or maybe just to get lost
And thought it keeps raining we just keep driving
The sun will shine somehow
The highway that leads to nowhere and maybe everywhere we need to go
We really don’t give a fuck
See I don’t know why I keep waiting for a sign
to calm my lonely soul and take me away from this hole
But I want it all
The dust behind us
The nights behind us
The day to arrive
Sleeping in the backseat of the car
Dreaming to find you in the next town
Track Name: Teenage Werewolves
I just want to know if they’re dead like us
Or it’s just their costumes and their looks
what makes me hate them as they pass by
It’s a winter of renewed traditions
And I’m waiting in the car while the steam protects my vision
The kids have fun outside but their eyes show no ambition at all
And we all caught a fleeting glimpse of the sea
But we don’t know how to breathe underneath
And we got nothing else but some wild dreams and coins to spend
And we got no substitute for good and cheap substance abuse
So let’s miss another ride under this silent rainy night
And keep soaking t-shirts looking for the fun in self-destruction
Track Name: Turning A Blind Eye
I think I’m losing an eye
I got this pressure in my eyeball
I think it’s going to explode any moment now
Maybe it’s that I don’t want to see this anymore
I need to put a patch between me and my life
I’ve been putting back decisions for a long time
Investing in arms industry
And watching policemen beating people in the streets
Turning a blind eye to everything
I’ve been breathing to survive in this city
And I believed I had a life working eight to five
Pretending I was fine
But that’s no longer contained, it’s reaching my right one
There’s so many things I want to say before it’s too late
So many songs are left for dead
So many awful thoughts running through my head
Some might say that’s the way that it’s supposed to be
That’s the way and they’re supposed to lead
Some might say that’s the way that we’re supposed to act
Are you in or are you out? What’s the matter anyhow?
I don’t know what’s the scary part in saying that I’m not proud to be a citizen
I don’t feel fortunate to have a job because it doesn’t dignify me
I’ve been moving out of habit
Track Name: Little Angels
Do you miss the times I held you tight
When I fell asleep at night?
The thrill of teaching me how to find
The best way to survive in this damn town?
I was your light and your moon
The only one that made you shine and bloom
How would it have been to carry me for so long?
Were you free before I came in here? I’d like to know
How come these years have passed so fast?
It scares me that you think my heart turned stone cold
When I learned to walk on my own with my first defeat in the harness of love
Little angels don’t grow up but nothing stays the same, it’s kind of sad
How would it have been to carry me for so long?
Were you free before I came in here? I’d like to know
I guess you felt scared knowing that the songs tortured me
And your eyes sadly told I got it from him
I’d like to feel enough love for anyone to abandon my soul
And glide around like an angel and give my life like you did when you were young
And now that the time is winning myself over
I can’t help wondering how you were before
Were you lonesome as is your son?
Track Name: Baby Tooth
You started to tremble
And cried as a newborn
Blood on the pillow
Baby tooth, baby blue
I found love in your fear
I embraced your fragile soul
Sucked the bourbon out of your veins
Deep down, sweet grace
I love the fear you make me feel
Shorten the distance with our births
The pleasure of unlearning
The freedom of forgetting
Origin as an ending
I love the fear you make me feel
Two little oceans in your eyes
I learned again how to stay afloat
I taught you to ride with just two wheels
Your wound will heal
I love the fear you make me feel
In the dark of the sun
Track Name: Don't Ever Change
We were born within the mist
On the darkest winter night
Walked those streets holding our breath
Hoping to find something at the end that made us understand
You ran your fingers through my hair
More like a sister than like a wife
“Promise me that when it’s over you’ll still be here
Ready to catch me like you always did”
Your eyes were all blind faith
And my heart was so far gone
In my head it was all wrong
Your eyes were all blind faith
In a revolution that never came
Never came
Your eyes were sad like mine
And my heart was oh so cold
In my head it was all wrong
Your eyes were sad like mine
And these things don’t ever change
Don’t ever change