The Magic Indian Scene

by The Destroyed Room

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Ctrl Rock mag Aparece por aquí porque es uno de los mejores discos del 2012 para nosotros: Favorite track: And That Night Never Happened.
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released March 23, 2012

All songs written by Sergi
Music by The Destroyed Room
The Destroyed Room are:
Sergi - Vocals & Guitar
Víctor - Guitars & Backup Vocals
Borja - Bass
Carlos - Drums
Additional Instruments:
Keyboard by Albert Martín
Trumpet by Tatán González
Trombone by Oscar Frutos
Cello by Marina Sánchez
Banjo by Victor Saldaña
Additional vocals on San Geronimo by Jose González
Recorded in Barcelona in the summer of 2011 at La Fundició Studio by Jose González. Studio Assistant Rubén Ruiz.
Mixed and mastered at Ultramarinos Costa Brava by Santi García
Artwork by Sergi Alejandre. Cover photo by J.M. Alejandre. Back picture by Clara Román.
Released by Boston Pizza Records [BPR005]




The Destroyed Room Barcelona, Spain

The Destroyed Room es una banda de rock de toda la vida, de las que tienen sentido en la carretera. Por eso no han dejado de tocar y sacar EP's cumpulsivamente desde 2009. Ahora nos llega "The Magic Indian Scene" (Boston Pizza Records, 2012), su primer largo, que deja clara la evolución de un grupo que está constantemente en movimiento. ... more

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Track Name: The Magic In The Unseen
Paint two red lines in your cheeks We take our punk songs to the streets We are the kids around the bonfires And our guitars are sharp like arrows We stand for eachother no matter what We ride the streets on our broken dirty bikes And in the night we keep staring at the stars To feel we’re lucky for being alive You could say we’re just naive Don’t you ever wanted to fly Just by seeing someone fly a kite? We walk barefoot the concrete We call home this city streets Trees can grow in this cement We make sure we all jump over the fence Our songs will be heard in the night Like a lullaby that gets lost in the sky We’re an army of sleepless souls Our swords are made of dreams and high hopes Keep ignoring those who say We will fail in our attempts
Track Name: This Fleeting March
It’s been a long, hard winter I’m dodging puddles but the rain keeps pouring Cloudy mornings echoing sadness Echoing aching echoing you Now, laid down in the grass The first beam of light of this fleeting march I’m forgetting my faults and letting the doves peck the remains of my sins My fingertips they scratch her skin And it should taste like heaven but it bores me to death Her swollen screams will wake the boys And they might finally reach your door I feel the void I’m always looking for Now, laid down in the grass The first beam of light of this fleeting march I’m forgetting my faults and letting the doves peck the remains of my sins How long can you stand staring at the sun? Why can’t we stare it like we stare at the moonlight? Close-eyed, not blinded by the light I offer you my life
Track Name: La Llorona
Banshee’s hanging ‘round here I heard the saddest wail and, my dear, I’m scared to death, I smell the fear For the very first time in years I wish I could steal her song The way I did with your heart But the clean clothes of yesterday Woke up this morning dyed in red They said that it was my lack of will what was bringing me down I kept blaming those current times, my dull friends and this boring town But then you came like springtime With golden feathers, sweet little bird I was your shifter, you were my queen In this perfect scenery I wish I could steel that frame And relive it just one more time Aibhill they say it’s her name Tonight her song sound like a goodbye
Track Name: 1989
Every morning was the same I walked to the school with a mixtape of my favourite songs in my walkman My friends all went by bus I lived too near to take it Back then I hated that Because it only took time to hear a song or two But now I realise that in 1989 I just fell in love with music Because it only took time to hear a song or two Just so little time to be with you
Track Name: Lines
I take the next bus out of town Can’t forget the saddest line “School’s out, what did you expect?” I guess that we could just be friends Keep skipping classes one more year And the lines in the road Had never been so sad and old And the snow on the sidewalks Had never been so bright and cold And your words on this note A quote of an old Pavement song Further up on the road We’ll dance again to the sound of that song I know my skin is soft and kind of girlish But we cuddled like amphibians under warm sheets You had fun taking pictures of our nights I watched you smiling as you did that thing you did with your eyes Rattled by the rush of a newfound interest in cinema
Track Name: The Last Summer Ever
I recognise the light in the surface of your clothes It’s been here every april for the last few years Challenging my weak mind and my even weaker soul Taking back all those afternoons watching them grow up It’s harder now that it’s over, that’s for sure It’s harder to notice the difference between memories and home And I believe there’s something out there waiting to be found I keep on writting about it baby, keep moving on But all feel is that I’m going back to basics over and over again And I’m getting tired of feeling just the same It’s harder now that it’s over, that’s for sure It’s harder to notice the difference between memories and home
Track Name: San Geronimo In The Morning
That's what I like about it To stay calm looking outside Just to see how the starlit skies show Distracted from what's happening inside That's what I like about it To know that I'm doing it because I cannot reach it To talk in circles about the same old ghosts To never know if we'll ever make it back home To let them all behind, those gas stations and parking lots This roads that are my obession, this words that are my salvation That's what I like about it Humming San Geronimo in the morning Browsing someonelse's record collection Still blinded by the spotlight and the chemicals
Track Name: For The Ones Still Standing
Just read your weekly column today And I want to say I feel exactly the same way Though I admit sometimes I’m lazy And blame the times we live to not feel guilty Warm up your fingers and your throat Start singing in the morning and don’t stop Rise up, find a new line, Leave poor form, find a new fight every night We both know how scary is To know you won’t be happy like this When routine chokes you in indifference It’s time to pack our bags and leave the nest An open road will be our home from now on Maybe our paths will cross someday In a creepy bar in the middle of nowhere We’ll make a toast for the good times And prove ourselves that we still stand Take back the times that you felt strong Write songs about the pains of being alone Be brave, fight the good fight Don’t be scared and love your new life, that’s all you got
Track Name: Already Over
They can see me Even speak to me But I'm not there I'm barely anywhere I'm more a ghost than a triumphant So reckless in this power outfit I know I'd change this I'd renounce to all the comfort Just for one chance I'm good at being blind Guiding myself in the night But I can't fake it I'm hearing that voice again That tears apart my soul And it gets worst when I'm alone I know that it's over It's already over
Track Name: And That Night Never Happened
It’s strange, and certainly it was so long ago, but every June 24 you come to me like a dream, I see you in the eyes of the young girls, I hear you in the wind blowing in this streets I regret having been so shy, so confident in the length of years, we barely knew each other and I can’t remember what we talked about that day in your car, only your mixtapes in the glovebox I did not get along with your friends I can’t recall how I met you But we both knew what we saw within our souls Though we only showed it with smiles and walks together through the halls and the college gardens Let's pretend we meet again And that night never happened I’m not the man I was back then And that night never happened