The Eastern Winds

by The Destroyed Room

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released April 2, 2010

A diferencia de nuestros discos anterior, The Eastern Winds nos llevó tiempo. Víctor y yo empezamos a grabar demos de las canciones en verano de 2009, poco después de presentar el split con (Shortfin) Mako Shark en directo, esperando a que Borja volviese de UK para terminar de definir las canciones, pero estábamos dispersos y terminamos sin definir nada. Los meses siguientes, con la entrada de Álvaro en el grupo y conciertos por delante, tuvimos que ponernos a ensayar y fuimos retrasando la grabación. Una vez empezamos tuvimos que compaginarlo con algunos conciertos y repetir varias cosas porque no nos convencían. Además no sólo estábamos grabando estas seis canciones, sino que a la vez grabamos los temas para el 7" Circle of Friends.

Sinceramente, cuando estábamos terminando yo creo que todos estábamos hartos de las canciones y la mezcla se hizo en muy poco tiempo porque nos lo queríamos llevar a la gira que teníamos por delante. Eso sí, creo que el sonido mejoró respecto a los discos anteriores., pese a estar grabado por nosotros mismos en el local, como siempre. Aún no sé muy bien qué pensar sobre The Eastern Winds. Creo que suena más a una banda que nuestros dos trabajos anteriores. Las canciones son bastante personales. Bueno, siempre lo han sido, pero estas hablan de un periodo de mi vida más reciente. Hay canciones en nuestros anteriores trabajos que tenían ya algunos años cuando las grabamos, pero en The Eastern Winds todas era "mas o menos" recientes.

Hace nada que lo sacamos y ya cambiaría muchas cosas. Me imaginaba este disco con más atmósfera y con menos arreglos. Pero bueno, a veces la magia está en dejar que las canciones tomen el rumbo que ellas deciden. Y así sucedió. - s
The Eastern Winds was made between December 2009 and March 2010. Recorded in our basement and mixed at The Destroyed Room HQ a.k.a our home by Víctor. All songs written by Sergi. Pedal steel on "All the wrong reasons" and "Ben Covington" by Miguel Pérez. This all would not have been possible without the love of our friends (luckyly, too many to list them here). Artwork by amazing artist and better person Augustine Coll. CD version released by The Time Threat Records [TTTR06] and digital release by Error Lofi Recordings.




The Destroyed Room Barcelona, Spain

The Destroyed Room es una banda de rock de toda la vida, de las que tienen sentido en la carretera. Por eso no han dejado de tocar y sacar EP's cumpulsivamente desde 2009. Ahora nos llega "The Magic Indian Scene" (Boston Pizza Records, 2012), su primer largo, que deja clara la evolución de un grupo que está constantemente en movimiento. ... more

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Track Name: All The Wrong Reasons
She keeps making plans for the summer / Filling spaces with flight tickets to somewhere / While he checks out her mailing inbox / Just to see if she’s cheating on him / They have this selfdestructive way to love each other / Everyday is live or dead / Break up sex is always better after breaking up some plates / They forgot how it all started / In the hallway of that hotel / That it took sleeples nights to handle / That new life chance offered them / She feels that it’s all over / But cannot picture herself being alone again / He can’t use his natural charm to charm her no more / It’s so obvious he’s not as clever as this new friend that she has / They have this obsolete system that shows the failures of a wrong way to love / And drug abusing friday nights just uncovers the lies they try so hard to protect and hide / It’s so hard to let go, that’s probably why they wind up choosing the wrong way to go
Track Name: Ben Covington
“Fade into you” still floats in the room / Slowly fading into something new / Thinking all that’s gone makes me want to cry / And I only wish I could turn back time / The day I didn’t show at the movies / That’s what I’d change and I regret / I know this looks like just a movie screen / But it’s actually a time machine / We could watch again “my so-called life” / Go skating, go see Nirvana live / Spend the 90’s trying to figure out / How to succeed in the game of growing up
Track Name: Red Pencil Sharpner
Just one more we kept sayin’ / But you were never leaving / And it was soft and warm / And tasted like a sweet sweet mint / I wish it could be easier to say goodbye / And even easier to wake you up and take breakfast / And in the car, heading to another town / I’m missing all the things I still don’t know about your life / I feel like crying with no place to call home, I tasted the wine on your lips, you say I’m not your problem / I’m already missing all the things I still don’t know about you / In a strange way it felt natural / To be with you after all this time / And it scared the hell out of me at first / Because it’s so rare for me to really like anyone that much / Your pencil sharpner in my pocket / I hope you miss me like I do / At least just for a moment
Track Name: Sometimes
I dance alone to the sound of the eastern winds / In this september rain I can fake I’m crying / But I’m an actor who can only play a role / And while I’m here pretending that I care / She must be working or at class / Becoming something people will admire /I guess I don’t deserve the love she shows to me/ Sometimes I blame myself for not singing what she wants to hear / I have a melody in my mind I can’t stop whisteling all the time / Something from that night I can’t define / Something that you sang right by your car / And I need to spit it out, I need to shout it loud / Because this thing inside is killing me / I don’t want to be so obvious but I can’t be me without you / I guess it’s time for both of us to stop pretending / The eastern winds just wrote our happy ending
Track Name: The Eastern Winds (reprise)
Geography doesn’t matter now feeling your breath in my chest / The night is dark, the cats are shy, just like the stars above the clouds / You always said some things took time but clocks just stopped working now / And in this bed we do the death, and we stand still, and the rain through the window just wets our hair and wets our skin but we don’t move / Maybe this storm will end it all, but how could I stare at the sky if I could stare at your eyes? / They haunt me like those books I read as a child, when late at night I dreamt about finding someone like you / Forever is no looking back / We’ve got to break with the past / Forever is trusting blindly / We’ve got to have faith in the winds