Turning A Blind Eye

from by The Destroyed Room



I think I’m losing an eye
I got this pressure in my eyeball
I think it’s going to explode any moment now
Maybe it’s that I don’t want to see this anymore
I need to put a patch between me and my life
I’ve been putting back decisions for a long time
Investing in arms industry
And watching policemen beating people in the streets
Turning a blind eye to everything
I’ve been breathing to survive in this city
And I believed I had a life working eight to five
Pretending I was fine
But that’s no longer contained, it’s reaching my right one
There’s so many things I want to say before it’s too late
So many songs are left for dead
So many awful thoughts running through my head
Some might say that’s the way that it’s supposed to be
That’s the way and they’re supposed to lead
Some might say that’s the way that we’re supposed to act
Are you in or are you out? What’s the matter anyhow?
I don’t know what’s the scary part in saying that I’m not proud to be a citizen
I don’t feel fortunate to have a job because it doesn’t dignify me
I’ve been moving out of habit


from The Dark Of The Sun, released June 2, 2014




The Destroyed Room Barcelona, Spain

The Destroyed Room es una banda de rock de toda la vida, de las que tienen sentido en la carretera. Por eso no han dejado de tocar y sacar EP's cumpulsivamente desde 2009. Ahora nos llega "The Magic Indian Scene" (Boston Pizza Records, 2012), su primer largo, que deja clara la evolución de un grupo que está constantemente en movimiento. ... more

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