The Huge Mistakes

by The Destroyed Room

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released September 1, 2011

The Huge Mistakes cuenta la historia de cuatro personajes cuyas vidas se cruzan en un mismo momento. Todos tienen algo en común: un grave error marcará su futuro.
The Huge Mistakes tells the story of four characters whose lives intersect at the same time. They all have something in common: a huge mistake will mark their future.
All songs written by Sergi
Based on the story and lyrics by Pablo Vázquez
The Destroyed Room are:
Sergi - Vocals & Guitar
Víctor - Guitars & Vocals
Borja - Bass
Carlos - Drums
Additional Instruments:
Keyboard on The Mistaker by Sergi
Vocals on The Cheater by Andrea Pérez
Recorded at La Fundició Studio by Jose González
Mixed and mastered at Ultramarinos Costa Brava by Santi García
Artowork by Ignasi Font / Visit:
Released by Boston Pizza Records [BPR#003] and Error Lo-Fi Recordings



all rights reserved


The Destroyed Room Barcelona, Spain

The Destroyed Room es una banda de rock de toda la vida, de las que tienen sentido en la carretera. Por eso no han dejado de tocar y sacar EP's cumpulsivamente desde 2009. Ahora nos llega "The Magic Indian Scene" (Boston Pizza Records, 2012), su primer largo, que deja clara la evolución de un grupo que está constantemente en movimiento. ... more

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Track Name: The Gambler
With a broken teeth and a nasty black eye from the last fight he picked up last night, he spits on the floor and helds his drink high. He bet all his savings to make it alive. His fists were made of stone, he was a legend in town. Ten years struggling alone, he wasn't ever beaten down, but his soul was made of glass, and his wife knew that. All he ever had in life was a shitload of bad luck. The game had started and the crowd started to sing as a beautiful lady was slowly coming in. He spotted her quickly and he couldn't help to ask what a girl like her was doing in that dive. She seemed to have no interest in a man like him. At least he should have washed the blood from his chin. The fate of his life depends on that team. They all have a plan, they're gonna get rich. Even though he knows that it's not right to bet, it's the only way to clear away all his debt. The game was gonna be a total fraud. He'd take his family and just run out of the country and buy a house by the lake where he'd learn to fish and to prepare berry cake. He's trying to calm down but the goal is not coming. The deal was clear so he should just stop worrying. It's the gambler.
Track Name: The Mistaker
Twenty minutes to find a cab and twenty more to find a bar. The driver grabs the cash and leaves the scene fast. As she walks in the drunks begin to grumble behind a curtain made of smoke, they must think she's a whore. She spent the last years trying to forget the moment she got in this mess. And now she heads over to the can, with tears in her eyes and rolling a bill with her hand. Momma tried to make her understand. "This is all a huge mistake, this is something you'll regret". Her husband's in the screen playing for his stupid team. Orders her liquor and hides away her big and golden ring. "You can't see me, but I do" she whispers to a song. Lipstick and perfume, not enough to feel young. How many times will it take to comprehend that this is not what the poor girl meant. And now she heads over to the can, with tears in her eyes and rolling a bill with her hand. The creepy guy keeps staring at her. She's to pissed to appreciate.
Track Name: The Cheater
He gazed back to the goalie waiting for the sign, some dreams were soon gonna shatter,he wished he had thought about it twice. "There's no risk involved" but he felt the danger. “It’s more important than that” he heard once. He kept running in circles and looking for a shelter. Every one of his mistakes was in the papers, even stories that were lies. His life was built on memories of better days. Soon they were gonna realize he squandered all his fortune in a month, he ruiend his marriage in a week. Ten thousand throats were singing chants, but she never showed up. His shoots were lethal like a gun, but she never felt proud. 30 pieces of silver where enough to commit treason. His teammates wouldn't understand, his wife would feel ashamed. The captain's armband felt so heavy but tonight he had a mission. In a few minutes all his friends were gonna be betrayed.
Track Name: The Upsetter
"Fast fast fast fast, let's pack our bags and leave, daddy is coming home tonight, but we won't be here". "I hate you", she wrote on a note, and stuck it on the fridge. The decision was made, she never meant to be mean. She loads all their belongings inside the trunk. "Don't worry about your daddy, he's never sober to drive". The kids sleep in the backseat ignoring the fact that momma doesn't love dad, cause he's always drunk. Fast fast fast fast fast, as fast as she could drive. A new beggining in front of her eyes. Tired tired tired tired, too tired of confrontations. The clouds will lead her to a new life. There was not an easier scape from the routine. Where she's been trapped rejecting sin. She spent nights covered in sweat, waiting for the chance to fulfil her threat. On the radio a stupid game was being broadcasted. The sports announcer's yelling "This is a disaster!" Carefully she turns it off to not disturb while in the glovebox she finds the evidence of his crime.