The highway’s never ending
That’s what I’ve been waiting for all my life
The highway that will take us further than we ever thought
We take the highway to find ourselves or maybe just to get lost
And thought it keeps raining we just keep driving
The sun will shine somehow
The highway that leads to nowhere and maybe everywhere we need to go
We really don’t give a fuck
See I don’t know why I keep waiting for a sign
to calm my lonely soul and take me away from this hole
But I want it all
The dust behind us
The nights behind us
The day to arrive
Sleeping in the backseat of the car
Dreaming to find you in the next town


from The Dark Of The Sun, released June 2, 2014




The Destroyed Room Barcelona, Spain

The Destroyed Room es una banda de rock de toda la vida, de las que tienen sentido en la carretera. Por eso no han dejado de tocar y sacar EP's cumpulsivamente desde 2009. Ahora nos llega "The Magic Indian Scene" (Boston Pizza Records, 2012), su primer largo, que deja clara la evolución de un grupo que está constantemente en movimiento. ... more

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