Cringe for two years in​.​.​.

by The Destroyed Room

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released February 10, 2009

Pasaron aproximadamente dos meses desde que nos juntamos por primera vez para tocar hasta que sacamos "Cringe for two years in...". Teníamos ya una primera gira preparada y queríamos poder llevar algo que regalar con la entrada de los conciertos, así que escogimos lo que nos parecían las mejores demos que teníamos y las grabamos en nuestro local. El resultado es esto, nuestro primer EP, que creo que salió bastante bien teniendo en cuenta el poco tiempo que tuvimos. - s
This record was made on the last week of January 2009. Recorded DIY at our basement in Barcelona by Víctor. All tracks written over the last two years by Sergi. Performed by Sergi, Víctor and Borja. This is a record made with the heart and it would not have been possible without the love and care of our friends. Artwork by Zepo and Sergi. "Bikerider" drawing by Zepo. released by The Time Threat Records [TTTR04].




The Destroyed Room Barcelona, Spain

The Destroyed Room es una banda de rock de toda la vida, de las que tienen sentido en la carretera. Por eso no han dejado de tocar y sacar EP's cumpulsivamente desde 2009. Ahora nos llega "The Magic Indian Scene" (Boston Pizza Records, 2012), su primer largo, que deja clara la evolución de un grupo que está constantemente en movimiento. ... more

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Track Name: It's All Happening
"It's all happening" - she said with so much emotion in her words. She really believed what she was saying, it was a perfect moment of truth, I almost cried. But now it seems that nothing's happening, I've settled down, get up, go to work, just killing time when I'm at home, I wanted to change the world, I believed it was possible. And my solution is always running away, travel to a quiet city far from here, start a new life instead of holding this one tight. And all those things that you forgot to say about getting old and tired remind me of the magic of youth you and I felt that night. I almost cry when I remember the day you looked at me and said: "someday you will change the world" oh boy...
Track Name: Teaser
As the leaves begin to fall in this autumn afternoon, I find myself standing alone in the street, looking at the colour changing trees. The sky above hides a mistery, something concerning you and me. And now you're just a photograph and a bunch of ridiculous aspirations. And there's just alcohol in my veins so I'll wait for the rain. I would say that what you see is just a teaser of how great it could be, but i'm tired of this movie bullshit metaphores, so I'd just say come here baby and walk with me. This city could be magic in the spring and the kids ride bicycles from the hills to the beach, and the light through the sheets makes you feel so in peace. We'll feel so much stronger here. It's just november and I can even remembert he first time that I wrote you a song. Maybe I'm acting like a kid but I need to remember what it was like like to be in love. But at least we have the songs... This city could be magic in the spring and the kids ride bicycles from the hills to the beach, and the light through the sheets makes you feel so in peace. We'll feel so much stronger here, believe in me
Track Name: This Is Not Texas (But We Can Still Get Lost Here)
This is not Texas but we can still get lost here. I could buy you another drink if you let me. We can get wild tonight in this creepy bar or we can take the road and get out. Sometimes I feel I'm choking in here. Let's free our minds to see what we are missing. What else we can ask for? There's roads to take and alcohol, But we are so distracted. Come on baby, take my hand, I can get us out of this wasted land. Could it be that it's only poetry, but we still can make it real. This is a room full of possibilities. We can be sweet birds flying free or eagles hunting through the trees. We don't need to be outside, there's no need to run and hide. There's no need to abandon this town. We'll dance until the morning light. The sun will shine outside the windows of the bar. And we'll look at each other tired, and we'll smile like a child, and this won't ever be the same town.
Track Name: City Of Birds
I take the left way in the first crossroad I find, in this city full of nothing, where the only thing I see is the shadow that walks besides me. Everyone left town while I was sleeping and I don’t know why, could it be that I don’t show much love to the ones I care? And in the middle of the night I shout to the sky waiting for my redemption, but the only thing I hear are the echoes of my frustration. Every afternoon, while I’m listening to my old records, the birds come back again. Their red eyes remind me what I’ve left behind, old people I used to love in secret. Now they don’t talk anymore, they don’t dream anymore. I still search the truth in my own town!
Track Name: The Beers And The 'Mats
The plan is to go drink to the same bar as yesterday. I could phone some friends to join me in. But lately I've been quite lonely and I guess I'll keep it that way. Tonight there's this show I still don't know if I want to go. And maybe later we could talk about how great the weekend was. Yesterday, always thinking about yesterday. It was fun playing with the band, feeling the adrenaline of a sunday afternoon spent shouting dumbshit that won't change a thing, and then I watched a movie that I've seen a thousand times, because there's so few things that could change my life now. The plan is to go to this club where my friend works like every night and get wasted there because it's cheap. I know i've been quite lonely but I guess I'll stay that way, listening to old records by The Replacements all day long and thinking about how great our life together was
listening to "Rock'n'Roll Ghost" on and on and on. And it was fun, but now it's gone, feeling the excitement of the best winter of my life, but now it's bullshit, and I'm so tired so I'll watch this movie that I've seen a million times.
Track Name: 1989
Every morning was the same, I walked by to the school with a mixtape of my favourite songs in my walkman. My friends all went by bus, I lived too near to take it, back then I hated that because it only took time to hear a song or two. But now I realise that in 1989 I just fell in love with music, because it only took time to hear a song or two, just so little time to be with you.
Track Name: In My Wildest Dreams
It could be the remorse. It could be just love. It could be the last song, but I know that we'll never be alone. It could be the winter. It could be this void. It could be these drinks help to feel much happier than I ever been for months. We both go down together. We know that this ain't good but hold each other's tight because we've never been afraid of falling out. I'll sing you one last song, and then we'll fall asleep. The room will rest in silence, but I'll see you in my wildest dreams.
Track Name: Memories Bite Like Rats
I'm waiting for the day to arrive, just when I start to crawl again. I can't sleep because ghosts don't let me. Forget the lonely days, the gray and black, the lack of light, turn on this fucking bright lights and let me start again tonight. Dear ruthless mind, I still feel pleasure in my own pain, and the time that passes by just make me feel more dead but I'm alive. Forget the fucked up times, when memories bite you like rats, I felt so dumb, and through the window I watched the clouds of sugar but tasted salty. And in the morning I'll be fine, just when I take my bitter drug of sad sad songs with punk rock rythms. Between you and me there's only a few oceans we can still cross. Between you and me there's only a few lies we can still forgive.