The Destroyed Room & (Shortfin) Mako Shark Split

by The Destroyed Room

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released May 20, 2009

Apenas dos meses después de editar nuestro primer EP, nos pusimos a grabar cinco temas más para un split con nuestras amigas madrileñas. Las canciones eran basicamente temas que no nos dió tiempo de grabar en las sesiones de "Cringe" pero que no por ello nos parecían peores. Creo que en conjunto salío un poco más disperso que el anterior y probamos más cosas distintas, pero para mí tiene algunas de nuestras mejores canciones. Además fue muy especial compartir un disco con Clara y Lucía y tocar con ellas en Madrid. - s

Recorded and mixed in our basement in march 2009 by Víctor. Performed by Víctor, Borja and Sergi. All songs written by Sergi. Drums on all songs by Joan. Violin on "So Long..." and "Drunken Kitchen Kisses" by Lucía. Girl Vocals on "Disasters and miracles" by Lucía, Clara and Maria. Maria sang a little bit too on "Trucks and Cars". Xilofon on "Trucks and Cars" by Clara. Sergi played melodica in "Drunken Kitchen Kisses". Released by The Time Threat Records [TTTR05].
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The Destroyed Room Barcelona, Spain

The Destroyed Room es una banda de rock de toda la vida, de las que tienen sentido en la carretera. Por eso no han dejado de tocar y sacar EP's cumpulsivamente desde 2009. Ahora nos llega "The Magic Indian Scene" (Boston Pizza Records, 2012), su primer largo, que deja clara la evolución de un grupo que está constantemente en movimiento. ... more

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Track Name: Drunken Kitchen Kisses
I don't think I'll ever love again after all those crazy times that we spent. Cloudy days and kisses by the railway... the corners of our town had never been so beautiful. I don't think I'll ever forget that day, when our bodies finally melted away. Drunken kitchen kisses, expectations were increasing, in that room there was a music from the last film that amused me and I took your hand and right there I knew that all was gonna change for good. I don't think you understand
that all that matters in the end are all those tiny pieces of your past that challenge time in the worst moments of your life. I cannot forget that freezing night in the beach, some miles away from our town, we missed our friends and the stars were falling down, and I could not hear the sound of waves, the sound of pain, the sound of fear, the loneliness, the passing of time, the planes above, the people I loved, the books I'd read, the songs I'd wrote because there was you and nothing mattered more than being part of your hours, than being the biggest piece in your nights and challenge time in the worst moments of our lifes.
Track Name: So Long And Thanks For All The Blues
We're fading out with this summer wind that brings me false hope of better days. I can't remember the last time that you smiled, I would say "hold on, dear" but it's hard, your footsteps are melting with the city lights. We were so innocent back then. Put on that Sonic Youth t-shirt one last time. You were so perfect in my mind. And all those plans we made togeher, all those drafts for the perfect home for you and I, all those things we said a million times were all just good intentions? Those promises are gone. Does real love exist in this world? This glass of cheap wine makes me feel more alive than our last months did, but for a reason I can't simply let you go. This sadness is so fucking bittersweet that for a moment I just forget that we're growing up.
Track Name: Trucks And Cars
I promise I’ll sing you this song every morning when you wake, while you take a shower or in the bed. I know I’m not the perfect guy, but perfection’s overrated and I got what it takes to make it. Let’s travel ‘round the world, sleep in beaches, breathe fresh air, making love by the moonlight in the sea. We’ll rent a small apartment in L.A, and we’ll drink and fuck all day like beatnicks without fate. We’ll drive through the lands of hopes and dreams, I’ll take you places cars and trucks can’t reach. I’m not the kind of man that owns too much of anything, but I don’t need much more than my guitar and you. We’ll name our girls Aina and Gina, and the little Angelina
And our sons will be named Jon and Paul and Dylan because they someday will change the world like our heroes have changed ours with their songs and words of freedom. And we’ll get old in Barcelona, the place where I was born and raised, I love this city and I love the sea, and I would love that you would sing with me… So please be wise and take my hand, just dump your boyfriend and go out with me. I swear I’ll treat you like a queen
Track Name: Disasters & Miracles
I'm waiting for the night to arrive. I'm waiting for the night to get blind drunk. "I'm tired of being wild, I'm tired, I'm tired of being tired", that's what you said. And I know that when the light will fade out you'll let me down. Waiting for the night time, you will look at me, you'll say goodbye. It's been so many months since I last slept alone, since I confessed my love to you by the phone. I just want to hear you say "my new man fucks better than you" because the pain will change his name to hate and revenge. I just want to hear you say "I'm stealing your life today". And I know that when the light will fade out you'll let me down. Waiting for a miracle, you'll look at me, you'll stay tonight. It's been so many months since I last slept alone, since I confessed my love to you by the phone. I just want to hear you say "I love you more than anything" and the fear will change his name to renewed happiness. I just want to hear you say "forget all this".
Track Name: Anothe Catcher In The Rye
It's 8 am. and this town is still asleep. A new dawn is just breaking and nothing will take back the choices we're making. There's people swimming in the red sea. The echoes of a summer party carried by the wind. I just left you asleep in bed to catch a train I don't know yet where it'll take me. I'm wandering through the city because now not sleeping is another reason to start over. I'll take the bike and go see Mireia at work, she'll be glad to see me after this long time away from home. 48 hours awake but I'm more lucid than I've ever been before
let's see how far our bodies go in this new season of this drama we've been on. I'm an insomniac, a Holden Caulfield in the morning, and the city talks to me in a million tongues, in tiny voices. The murmuring sea, the blowing of the wind, the rustling leaves, the racing in the streets, everything is talking to me. 48 hours awake but I'm more lucid than I've ever been before
let's see how far our bodies go in this new season of this drama we've been on.